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IME Directory for Medical Expert Witnesses

Why Join this IME Directory of Independent Medical Examiners Doctors?

  • Our members receive 1-16 targeted quality visitors / Day.
  • 1 closed lead will pay the $149 annual cost of membership.
  • You will get a #1 page Google ranking - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The above 3 facts should make joining a no brainer, as you have nothing to lose coupled with a huge upside. 

Need more convincing?

Click www.Google.com (opens new tab) and do the below search and you will find my site is either ranked #1 or on page #1

  • "state name + ime doctor(s)"
  • this is 1 way that I can deliver immediate traffic for new members

I can get any doctor found by their name, city and specialty on page #1 of Google ie:

But I do my best to get my clients also found by generic searches, as obviously most people will not search for you by name, ie:

Both the above searches serve up my client in the #1 position

Here is a sample member’s page:

Why add contents of a CV to your membership page for only $99 more?

It requires 2-3 hours of extra work on our part, but offers these BENEFITS:

  • You can leave many fields blank when joining, as we will extract that data from your CV, ie colleges attended, board memberships, etc;
  • Thus, saving you lots of time not having to fill out entire membership application form;
  • Doing so increases size of your page > more text and content is better > means more ways to get found by > means more visitors, referrals, business and ROI.


www.SEAK.com / www.Abime.org / www.JurisPro.com  

They are great if you want to pay a lot of money to attend high quality educational courses and get certifications to hang on the wall. 

In fact, I highly recommend www.SEAK.com, they offer excellent training courses.  But joining them will not get you nearly as much traffic from the web as my site will give you, as this is my specialty.

I suggest taking some SEAK courses, especially for learning How to bullet proof yourself and your work product and protect yourself from attack.

If you want another #1 ranked page on www.Google.com, then join my IME Directory.

  • I have been an SEO (search engine optimization) web development specialist for 20 years.

Compare my client's page with the competition & decide for yourself which site ranks supreme with regards to on page content.


Most generic searches for IME doctors will be something short and generic like this:

www.IndependentMedicalExaminer.com generally ranks #1, #2 or #3 for these generic searches:

  • state name (or state abreviation) + ime + doctors
  • state name (or state abreviation) + ime + medical examiners
  • state name (or state abreviation) + ime + witness
  • this alone will garner you many high quality targeted leads

Consider the Google Golden Triangle study :: www.google.com/search?q=google+golden+triangle+study which proves / displays that most users click the top 1-3 directory listings of a search results page. 

I can affordably get you into the Google Golden Triangle.  Join us and make a smart investment towards your future success.

How & Why Become an IME Doctor?

How to Become an IME Doctor or Independent Medical Examiner?




Independent Medical Examiner IME Directory
1017 101st Ave NE, Bellevue WA 98004

(747) 777-6450

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