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IME Directory for Medical Expert Witnesses

IME Directory Expert Medical Doctors & Legal Witnesses
Membership &
Advertising Pricing Plans


$149 Standard Membership

Join as a IME Directory member for 1 year, and get listed below all other members who signed up before you - in the State(s) of your choosing. 

bullet Uploading a photo is FREE
bullet Uploading and adding content from a CV costs $99 extra - due to 2-3 hours of extra work.

$359 Gold Annual Membership
Benefits include all of the above + You will be Placed in #1 Position, on TOP & above of all other doctors who joined before you.

bullet Add your photo to the State directory listing(s).  See sample here.
bullet Includes adding content from your CV ... a $99 value
bullet Consider the Google Golden Triangle study :: www.google.com/search?q=google+golden+search+triangle which proves that most users click the top 3 directory listings of a search results page - especially listings that standout with a photo.

$499 Platinum Membership + Banner Advertising
Benefits include all of the above ... plus you also get to advertise your BANNER at the Top of your State directory:

bullet Banner advertising costs an additional $50 / month (billed monthly)
bullet Optional $50 extra charge for each additional state you want your Banner advertised in
bullet Optional $100 charge for us to design your banner for you


bullet $ 25 extra / State Directory to have your photo listed next to your name
bullet $175 extra / State Directory to be listed at TOP of your State directory (for each state directory you're listed in)
bullet This includes adding a photo to your State directory listing
bullet NOTE:  if a member upgrades after you, then you will be bumped down
bullet If you got bumped down, and want to be on TOP again, there is an extra $50 charge / State, each time this is done
bullet $ 49 extra to get 1 business street address listed in Google Local Maps Business Listings.  This includes tutoring owner on how to verify and optimize listing.  This is one more way for you to have a #1 Google page listing utilizing Google Maps.

Join Here:  https://www.independentmedicalexaminer.com/join.asp


$89 / Month / State Directory ... or $750 for 1 year paid upfront

Advertise your banner atop of 1 State directory. 

Below are sample Banner images

The above is the largest possible banner size.  I can design a simple banner starting at $100 for 2 hours of work.

Join Here: 


Independent Medical Examiner IME Directory
1017 101st Ave NE, #435, Bellevue WA 98004

(425) 625-2111

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