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IME Directory for Medical Expert Witnesses

Independent Medical Examiners IME Doctors Directory of Medical Expert Witnesses

Attorneys find detailed listings of Board Certified Medical Experts Witnesses, Physicians, Consultants & Companies

IME Physician Members specializing in Independent Medical Evaluations, Functional Capacity Evaluations,
Medical Record Case Reviews and Testimony by Doctors & Surgeons

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Doctor of the Month & in the News
Dr. Adel Shaker

Nueces County Texas Chief Medical Examiner


Products & Services

bullet Independent Medical Evaluation
bullet Second Medical Opinions
bullet Defense Medical Evaluations
bullet Functional Capacity Evaluations
bullet Peer or Medical Record Reviews
bullet Occupational Medical
bullet Consultative Services
bullet Ergonomic Assessments
bullet Job Analyses
bullet Medical Legal Consultations
bullet IMR (Independent Medical Review is a file review done by a physician)
bullet CME (Certified Medical Examiners)

Lines of Business

bullet American’s with Disability Act (ADA)
bullet Automobile Liability
bullet Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
bullet General Liability
bullet Long Term Disability (LTD)
bullet Short Term Disability (STD)
bullet Professional Liability
bullet Workers’ Compensation

Our Customers

bullet Law Firms
bullet Employers
bullet Disability Insurers
bullet Disability Management Companies
bullet Case Management Companies
bullet Insurance Brokers / Companies
bullet Government Entities
bullet Managed Care Organizations
bullet Provider Organizations
bullet Reinsurance Companies
bullet 3rd Party Administrators
bullet Utilization Review Organizations

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IME Directory

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The Independent Medical Examiner IME Directory of medical file review consultants contains doctors, board certified physicians, psychologists, neuropsychologists, chiropractors, oral surgeons, orthodontists, nurses and other medical professionals and experts who perform Medical Expert Witness examinations - including:


bullet  Independent Medical evaluations
bullet  Medical File & Records reviews
bullet  Utilization reviews
bullet  Coding reviews
bullet  Chart reviews
bullet  Peer reviews
bullet  Second opinions
bullet Underwriting reports
bullet Medical Necessity reviews
bullet Concurrent and Retrospective reviews
bullet Internal and External reviews
bullet Disability medical evaluations and opinions
bullet Pre-authorizations
bullet Worker's Comp

IME Medical Expert Witness Directory

Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner (IME) experts and Medical Expert Witnesses are medical professionals not otherwise involved in the examinee’s care.  They performs an impartial independent medical examination to evaluate injury, disability, or impairment - in regard to legal or insurance issues.  The IME experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in federal and state court trials and arbitrations.

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Independent Medical Examiner IME Directory
1017 101st Ave NE, Bellevue WA 98004

(747) 777-6450

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IME Directory

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