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How &/or Why Become an IME Doctor or Independent Medical Examiner?

I get the below questions often, so I decided to create a page answering them.

FYI ... Any doctor can do IME's, including MD, PhD, DO (doctor of osteopathy), Chiropractic doctors.

I am a semi-retired (or retired) board certified doctor.  I am looking to do from home with no (or some) traveling.  I am trying to decide if doing IMEs makes sense for me. 

These are all excellent questions.


Typically IMEs are physicians that do insurance examinations for:

  • Insurance companies
  • Law firms
  • Case managers / adjusters
  • Government agencies
  • Independent medical companies
  • 3rd party administrators
  • Others

The IME will review medical records and often examine the examinee.  Then do a case review and write a report, and perhaps testify at a deposition or trial or hearing.

  • Many if not most of my IME members are doctors who are RETIRED from their clinical practice.
  • Being Board Certified more than qualifies a doctor to do IMEs
    • Some providers prefer board certification, but it is not required
  • But I have members who are doctors / physicians that are NOT board certified.
  • Simply being an MD or PhD or other such other related moniker is suitable enough to qualify to do IME's
  • An IME doctor must have an active Medical License in the state they do exams in
  • IME physicians are mostly hired in Defense cases, but sometimes by the Plaintiff as well


According to www.SEAK.com 2015 IME Fee Survey, they found:

  • Average IME cost was $1,577
  • IMEs earn between $600 - $1,500+ / exam
  • If IMEs do multiple exams / day, then they can earn $150,000+ / year
  • A slight majority charge flat fees
  • Average length for the entire IME process (record review, examination and report writing was approximately 4.5 hours
  • This means that on average, IMEs earned $356 / hour
  • The specialties with the longest average IMEs were all mental health professionals (psychiatry and psychology)
  • Average no-show fee was $562
  • www.seak.com/expert-witness-fee-study/ - great detailed facts & fees list
  • http://store.seak.com/products.php?product=2017-Survey-of-Expert-Witness-Fees - this report costs $100

Here is a WA state government detailed fee schedule:

Some private fee schedules:

Being a Expert Medical Witness or Expert Witnessing can be very lucrative, and is intellectually challenging.  It is also a great means to utilize your existing and well established professional skills.

Yes, you can earn significant extra revenue by performing file reviews, writing reports, serving as an expert legal witness &/or consulting.

The best way to develop and maintain a successful and lucrative expert witness practice is by finding and retaining counsel or getting attorney clients, thus earning repeat business.  Also, one should target a niche market.


Best of all, much of the time devoted to this business is usually spent on document and file reviews, research, and report writing.  All of this can be done from your home office.

Of course, if you choose to interview patients in person, what many of my clients to is rent office space say 1-4 days of every month...


Some of my members are very smart, in that let's say they have a condo in Florida.  Well they rent office space for 1 day's worth of work in seeing patients, while they may stay there for 2 weeks.  Thus, they get to write off their vacation as a business expense. 

  • I am no CPA so I do not know all the tax write off rules.  But if you are a doctor, you more than likely have a CPA, and they would know.


If you want to pay extra, you can get some "IME Certifications" from:

  • www.SEAK.com (great courses)
  • www.Abime.org - ABIME Certified Independent Examiner
  • IAIME - International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators.  Certified MedicoLegal Evaluator


Read my page on Why Join this IME Directory

  • Also consider joining my "competition" for additional IME education

IME doctors enjoy many advantages such as:

  • Lucrative potential to generate substantial additional income
  • Control over your schedule
  • Diversify your practice and sources of income
  • Assignments are intellectually challenging
  • Very low risk compared to clinical medicine, because there is no physician / patient relationship
    • So there is very little malpractice concerns
  • Extremely low overhead
  • Need very little equipment
  • Most or all work can be done from your home office - an IRS tax write off
  • What you learn often improves your clinical and computer skills

Here is a sample blank IME fee schedule:


Why Join this IME Directory of Independent Medical Examiners Doctors?

How to Become an IME Doctor or Independent Medical Examiner?




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