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Directory of Medical Legal Expert Witnesses

Dr. Brian Holmes, MD, FACS Dr. Brian Holmes, MD, FACS
PA Neurological Surgeon Medical Expert Witness
947 Wayne Avenue, #115
Chambersburg PA 17201
(717) 729-3384

Specialty:  Neurological Surgeon, Expert Witness Neurosurgery, Expert Witness, Spine Surgery, IME, Spinal Cord Injury, Complex Spine Surgery, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spine, Independent Medical Examiner.
https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-xmvAUJYThkM/TYQnVHz7NFI/AAAAAAAAGhI/gwrnaqAe2y8/s1600/Adel_shaker_web-175x175.jpg Dr. Adel Shaker, MD, IME, LLB, FCAP, FNAME
International Medical Legal Forensic Experts, LLC
Medical Examiner
1302 Chandler Road
Huntsville Alabama 35801
(814) 244-1916
Specialties:  Physician, forensic pathologist, wrongful death, medical malpractice, child / elder abuse, toxicology, industrial accidents, motor vehicle accidents, firearm injuries, custody death, nursing home death.

Dr. Michael J. Perrotti, PhD, PA IME
Michael J. Perrotti, PhD, Inc.
18200 Yorba Linda Blvd, Suite 109A
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
(714) 528-0100
Specialties:  Clinical and Forensic Neuro Psychologist. Expert TV Consultant for CSI: Crime Scene, Vanished, Numbers.  Expert in neuropsychology, closed head injury, effects of psychological and physical trauma, criminal and civil competency, false confession, family law custody evaluations, evaluation of child sexual abuse allegations, expert in disability for social security administration and dept of health and human services, evaluation of fitness for mental health professionals. 

Gary L. Schmidt, MD, FAAOS
Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon - PA IME Doctor
GL Schmidt Services, LLC
4815 Liberty Ave, Mellon Pavilion, #250
Pittsburgh PA 15224
(412) 578-1013
Specialties:  Independent Medical Exam, Examination, Medical Legal, Medicolegal, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.  Independent Medical Exam, Spine, Pittsburgh, Examination, Medical Legal, Medicolegal, Orthopedic.

Dr. Michael A. Kennedy, MD, MPH, CIME
MK Health Services, LLC
560 People's Plaza, #287
Newark DE 19702
(302) 388-4424 
Specialties:  Physician, PA CIME, IRE (impairment rating evaluation), Disability Evaluations, Occupational Medicine,
Consultative Exams, and Impairment Rating Examinations.

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Name: Richard J. Cusick, MD
Address1: 535 E. Emmaus Avenue
City: Allentown
State: PA
Zip: 18103-5917
Specialties: Physiatry, Emergency Medicine
Years of Practice: 21
Number of Exams: 100
Sponsoring Institution: AADEP

Name: Daniel C. DeFalcis, MD
Company: Morganstein DeFalcis Rehabilitation Institue
Address1: 1850 Normandie Dr.
City: York
State: PA
Zip: 17408
Specialties: Physiatry
Sponsoring Institution: ABIME

Name: Anthony J. DePietro, DC
Company: Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates Chiropractic Center
Address1: 5 Morgan Highway
City: Scranton
State: PA
Zip: 18508
Specialties: Chiropractic Physician

Name: Anthony E. Dimarco, DO, FACOFP,CIME
Company: Crozer Medical Plaza At Brinton Lake
Address1: 300 Evergreen Dr.
City: Glen Mills
State: PA
Zip: 19342
Years of Practice: 21
Number of Exams: 25

Name: Janak A. Doshi, MD
Address1: 2110 Harrisburg Pike #310
City: Lancaster
State: PA
Zip: 17604
Specialties: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Sponsoring Institution: ABIME

Name: Scott K. Epstein, MD
Company: Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, PC
Address1: 5 Morgan Highway
City: Scranton
State: PA
Zip: 18508
Specialties: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Years of Practice: 15

Name: Thomas F Freenock, MD
Company: SSJ DIagnosis & Rehab
Address1: 24 Doctor Lane
City: Clarion
State: PA
Zip: 16214
Years of Practice: 16
Number of Exams: 200
Sponsoring Institution: ABIME


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